Random Acts of Kindness and Paying Them Forward

It's Monday morning and I really should be getting ready for work, but something small, but extraordinary happened this morning that I need to write about, while it's still fresh. It seemed like a typical Monday morning, except for the fact that I actually did want to get out of bed and start my day.… Continue reading Random Acts of Kindness and Paying Them Forward

The Nourishment Starts on the Inside

In an effort to mark the growth in my life, I like to occasionally review old essays and see the ways my life has changed; good, bad or indifferent. On Saturday, January 13, 2007, I re-posted this essay originally written circa 2001. More old words - Amazing how some things never change The nourishment starts… Continue reading The Nourishment Starts on the Inside


You haunt me You seduce me You fill me with desire I thought I’d long outgrown You frighten me You fill me up You show me a life I thought I’d never own You touch me You warm my heart You make me want a love Unlike I’ve ever known

The Question

In the quiet of the night I ask the questions In hope to set things right. Yet I always see The the questions I ask Do not pertain to me. When I ask of you To know who you are I see, what I know is true. You love me And I love you

Broken Heart Haiku

You are here and yetyou already can break mewith one sad goodbye. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Why can't you see mefor everything that I amI am not simple. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Complex as I amyou only see a small pieceof all that I am. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Withering awayunattended by loving, warm, sunlight. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Empty room, no musicChildren's laughter far awayAlone small… Continue reading Broken Heart Haiku