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It’s been some time since I set out to update my blog and I decided to update the layout of my site to make more sense. The downside is that now that I’ve moved everything around; creating pages instead of category listings, I’ve lost all my comments and likes, etc.

So while there is a lot of content in my site, it’s mostly old. I’ll be posting now on individual pages. I’ll try to remember to put new content on the top of the page, but we’ll see.

I separated out all my poetry, from my essays, my journal, and my travel blogs. My hope is that it will be more readable, but I’m not convinced yet. Without too many new posts, I’m not sure my changes were even noticed.

For the time being, my plan is to write to this page, so the most recent post is on the front page and then move older content into the proper pages.

I’d love to get feedback if you have any. I want to get better at this, writing more frequently and building a site that is thought-provoking and helpful and maybe, hopefully a little bit fun.


One thought on “Starting over….again

  1. John Enriquez says:

    You are absolutely right! Life will lead us where we need to be.

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