The World in Which I Live

Musings from my life – poetry and prose

I recently started writing a daily haiku as a way to build my creativity, which has felt really diminished recently. Here is a couple of week’s worth.

My desk is a mess
How it keeps me distracted
Time to clean it up

It will be all right
Time will heal everything
It’s crazy right now

My nose is stuffed up
It makes it so hard to breathe
But I am alive

I am so angry
One person can ruin my day
and not even care

I screamed this morning
and then proceeded to cry
I feel better now

I’m cut off mid-stream
A big project I must complete
God, give me a break!

It’s an overcast day
Glare from the sun wanting out
Bright and dark enmeshed

Breathing is not safe
A virus is taking us down
Fight back with isolation

Today’s sky is blue
Cloudless and crystalline blue
The rain is coming

Yesterday shook me
I let fear take over
Now, I must have faith

Must go out today
The world is topsy-turvy
Safety is unsure

Horrid smell today
Set me off on a huge rant
Trying to stay calm

The yard is now clean
New spring leaves are now sprouting
Life begins anew

Back online again
Headache and fuzziness is gone
Work is never done

Distracted, undone
Too much clutter in my space
Outside is inside

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