The World in Which I Live

Musings from my life – poetry and prose

Day 7

If it wasn’t complete plagiarism, I would just take this whole chapter and cut and paste it into this post.

Instead, this will likely be an inventory of the things I need to do, to love myself and my life more.

If we really love ourselves, everything in our life works.

Louise Hay
  1. Watch children and see how they do everything, before the world sucks the instinct out of them
  2. Don’t settle for mediocrity – YES!!!
  3. The world would be better if everyone just loved themselves.

Ways to Love Myself Better

  1. Appreciate how special I am
  2. Drown myself in affirmations
    1. I am still capable of doing all the things I want to do
    2. I am young enough to start a new venture
    3. I deserve health, Love and wealth
  3. Do things I Love
    1. Travel
    2. Going to the movies
    3. Writing
    4. Seeing Live music
    5. Spending time with Family and Friends
    6. Eating GREAT food
    7. Singing out loud
    8. Being around creative people
    9. yoga
    10. getting a massage
  4. Find A Replacement – for every time I put myself down
  5. Ditch the Self-deprecating humor – It’s not funny
  6. Let the Love in
  7. Don’t compare myself to others
  8. Forgive myself
  9. Love Myself – This is the Holy Grail

That’s it. The list. The way to get to the Holy Grail. Even in self-isolation, I can do a lot of things on this list. I just need to decide to do them.

One thought on “Chapter 6 – Love the One You Is

  1. jomillyblog says:

    This is a great guideline!!!


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