The World in Which I Live

Musings from my life – poetry and prose

This morning I woke up in strange, but oh, so comfortable bed in a tiny adobe casita in Taos, New Mexico. As I sit at this table Santa Fe style table to write, outside my window is a cherry tree, just months ago, filled with blossoms now scattered with the tiniest, unripened cherries. Under it fucshia snapdragons and across the stone path a casita similar to mine with a turquise door. I am in a new world.

I’ve opened the windows and front door to let the cool morning air drift through the house. The morning is quiet, only the sound of crickets chirping and birdsong is in the air. I do expect church bells to chime soon from a nearby mission. They chimed upon my arrival last night, and the song was calming and let me know in an instant that I had chosen the right place to find respite.

I’m not sure what it is about me that loves waking up in a strange place; living a life in a place I’ve not known before. It’s true, I do have wanderlust. I would travel incessantly if I could. I love seeing places before unknown to me outside of history books or television or movies, but I feel like this is different. The first morning of waking up in a new place is just delicious to me. The air feels different on my skin. The coffee fresher and tastier, thoughts running through my head are alive with possibility. I feel like I am reborn in every new place. Nothing from the past chases me in this new place and I feel like I can create myself anew.

Normally, I would run out and explore my new surroundings; using my home base as, just that; a place to keep my stuff and come back to at night. But, the world as it is, nothing is really open during this pandemic, no tourist traps to visit, no museums to explore. It sounds like a bad time to take a vacation, but for me, it is perfect.

I’ve come to a place that for now, has few distractions. It’s exactly what I need. This weekend is about the senses. Getting back to my body, and my mind, and my spirit. No work, no news, no household distractions. No loud voices startling me out of my focus. This weekend, I focus on my book and the future I hope it affords me.

Cue the church bells on the hour. It’s going to be a perfect day.

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