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I love learning a new word. Especially when it’s such a delicious word. Serendipity has been my favorite word for such a long time. I remember sitting on the floor at my grandfather’s house in Clarksville, Tennesee, and reading a book with my Aunt Caroline. I couldn’t tell you the name of the book, or what the story was about, but I can say that it was the first time I read the word “Serendipity”. It was the name of the publisher, but the word jumped out at me so forcefully that I had to know what it meant; “A happy accident”. The definition was just as delicious at the word itself.

Fast forward to today, I’m sitting at a desk in a weekend rental, reading up on writing my ideal life manifesto, something I’ve been avoiding for the past two weeks. I actually made this little trip, in part to work on my poetry book, but also to write my manifesto. It’s getting late in the day and I know that I better not put it off any longer.

I sat at my computer with the “Where do I start” devil on my shoulder and started web-surfing for some guidance. I googled “writing an ideal life manifesto” and chose my third option,

In it I found a great list of prompts to start my document outline. On the right sidebar, there was a word block manifesto that caught my eye. The text on the bottom right corner was, “Deliciate in Your Life”. Just like Grammarly, that is currently screaming at me to correct the spelling, I read “delicate” and thought that the grammar was just wrong. But, doing my best to not be an arrogant jerk that I can sometimes be, I decided to look up deliciate. And to my great joy, deliciate means to “delight in one’s self”. This word is now way up there in the clouds of my favorite words along with serendipity.

I cannot wait to use this in a game of scrabble and be accused of not knowing how to spell. Then again, I hope I’m not the only person in the world who hadn’t come across this word before.

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