The World in Which I Live

Musings from my life – poetry and prose

His melodies, they reach me.
They fill my mind, Unlike any composition I have ever heard.
My own heart beat is there
They are the dreams of all I meant to be.

His melodies, they move me.
They silence my pain, Reminding me of all that is possible.
My tears run down my face.
My hope for love lies in their every note

His voice lifts my spirit
Reminding me of a love that will endure eternity
Ever still and preserved
Safe from the ravages
Of time and change

His melodies, 
they fill me
They open my heart
Once intent to hide from the world
I am released and warmed
Free to feel the beating of my heart

His melodies, they haunt me
They engulf my soul,
They tell me that he never let me go
I know, for they are me
They are the inner workings of my heart.

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