The World in Which I Live

Musings from my life – poetry and prose

My heart beats in my chest 
I hear it’s pounding in my ears
It says to me, “let down the wall, 
let yourself be loved
Love yourself”
I try to listen but traffic rolls by 
the radio announces another car chase
I am distracted and I shut out
the important voice that says
“You are lovely”
I begin to cry without knowing why,
a voice says to me
“Take comfort, 
someone will love you 
It will be soon”
The tears flow
I hear a voice outside my head, 
I realize it is you.
You say to me, “Take a chance, trust again,
I will love you”.
I take your hand
A dream awakens me in the pre-dawn hour, 
I leap forward
I look beside me and you are there, 
you hold my hand and I know,
I love you.

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