The World in Which I Live

Musings from my life – poetry and prose

You touched me that night
Your hands moved through
The tepid moonlight-drenched water
Your hand grazed my naked belly
And up to my breasts, that arose and quivered at your touch.
You took my face in your hands
And you lifted my mouth to your lips
You kissed me sweetly with a soft passion
And I believed at that moment
The only real thing in the universe was your body and mine
You pulled me close to you and our bodies touched
I was hot and cold in the same moment
I felt you all around me, enveloping my soul
In your strong arms
The rest of the world melted away
In that moment, my heart was lost to you
You let me go in the glare of prying eyes.
I went home to my own bed And tried to sleep with my lie
But you haunted me that night, as you haunt me still.
Your touch, no longer mine.

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