The World in Which I Live

Musings from my life – poetry and prose

“If you were here,
Would you make love to me?”
Those words, those words,
I was not prepared.
I felt my ice-cold heart melt,
In an instant,
I felt the hot blood rush through my veins.
I knew I could not say no.
I myself, would never have uttered,
Came from you so easily
As if they were a mere afterthought
Unaware they would so easily break me.
I had readied my heart,
never to again hear those words
prepared forever to be alone.
But there they were in black and white
Those words,
I was broken, and warmed
and I saw myself again, as a woman,
a woman who could love a man.
A woman who could open up
The most sacred parts of my being
Share with you freely,
the nectar of the Goddess,
free you from your own enslavement.
Words, those words
easily written,
easily taken away.
You, safely a million miles away,
Couldn’t see the tears fall down my face,
Couldn’t hear the beat of my heart
slowing growing ever colder.

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