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The first thing about shapeshifting into the new me, is getting down into the nitty-gritty and defining who that new me is. A lot of new me is current me, with some shift in habits, ways of thinking and updating the image I see in the mirror. I’m already on my way, but understand, I’ve still got some tweaks to make. I’ll be working on killing some bad habits on my way to creating some good ones. I’ll be looking at my core values and determining and owning what I want them to be. That’s kind of long-haul work, but for the next 21 days, I am going to focus one one intention: Build a yoga practice that serves a healthy body an mind.

I’ve toyed with yoga for many years, usually falling out of practice after a bad session or a life-change. I never quite got to the place where I felt comfortable practicing on my own; holding myself accountable for my own commitment. After several years of merely dabbling with community center classes, and videos at home, I finally found a studio about 20 minutes from my home that I really liked. Based on an intuitive reading I had in Sedona, while on a vacation with my girlfriends, I decided to find a studio with Yin Yoga classes. The classes were great. I immediately felt comfortable in the space. We always practiced in dim lighting, so I never felt that icky “people are watching (and probably mocking) me” sensation. I went 3 times a week pretty consistently for several months and then December hit and I got sick. By the time I was feeling better and ready to start going back to the studio, COVID became a thing and the studio closed. I tried a couple of online courses, but it wasn’t the same, so I stopped.

The ridiculousness of all this is that I really do like doing yoga. I always feel better after a session. I always feel more at peace and stronger. There is no reason to not practice, except that I just haven’t made space for it. So today I made space. I sat down and blocked time every single day to practice. I have decided that I will give myself 15 minutes every evening to transition from work to yoga. I’ll change my clothes, set up my space, get water, and practice. I’ve set aside an hour every day. With no commute I have no excuse. I have found several online practitioners that I really like, so I’ll be able to mix things up. I want to make sure I am broadening my practice. I am a person who can easily become bored, so I need to take that into consideration and be prepared to challenge myself when I feel myself losing interest or making excuses.

I’ve rearranged my schedule so that some of the other things I’ve been doing in the evening, will get done in the morning. I’ll be going to bed earlier, so I can wake up earlier. Since I don’t want to give up the progress I’ve made in building better writing habits, I intend to shift those tasks to the early morning before work and during my lunch break. I haven’t plugged it in to my calendar yet, but I may try to do some more writing in the evening before bed.

One of the roadblocks I’ve come to recognize in my life, is that I often let one goal fall off my radar when I start a new project. I started Noom in September and that became my morning reading and almost always led to scrolling through my phone instead of picking up an actual book. While it’s good stuff and the program is working for me. I let it take over my meditation and morning reading time without doing the work to find time in my schedule. So, today, I fixed that. Time blocking is a great too!

My 21 days starts tomorrow. I’m looking forward to doing the work, building the good habit, losing some bad ones along the way and seeing who I’ve become. Then, I will likely start over again…hopefully with a brand new intention (I’ve got a few).


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