The World in Which I Live

Musings from my life – poetry and prose

When two separate entities act in synchronicity, it causes me to take note and to take action. For instance, if two unrelated people tell me I should read a particular book, I buy that book and read it. The same goes for listening to a new artist or trying a new restaurant. The way I look at things, the Universe doesn’t have to tell me twice. Except for writing regularly, but that’s another story for another day.

Today, I had two unrelated entities tell me that it was time to reward myself. Noom was the first. Here’s what it said, “21 weeks. 147 days, 3528 hours. 211,680 minutes. 12,700,800 seconds…That dedication is #Goals. Tonight, we want you to take that reward you’ve been waiting for…and #TreatYourself to it.”

Shortly after reading that, I opened to today’s chapter, and right at the top of the page, it said in big, bold letters. “Day 7: Reward Yourself”. You don’t need to tell me twice!

So tonight, I’m going to allow myself a guilty pleasure. I don’t know what it is yet, but I’ll be super happy about it when I decide.

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