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I don’t consider myself a successful ritual creator. I struggle with getting past the first few days of trying. I set forth with the best intentions (I think), and then on about day 3 or 4, I let something interrupt, or I forget, or I make up some other lame excuse, why I’ll skip “just this once.”

Some daily practices are so ingrained into my life that I could say are rituals, but I am missing the mindful approach that would make them more ritualistic. For instance, brushing my teeth, washing my face, moisturizing my body, and taking my allergy pill and melatonin are tasks I do before turning off the lights. I have to be wholly exhausted to skip those things.

I’ve taken a while to get to this level of discipline before bed, but sleepless nights forced me to review a nighttime ritual. I suppose that means I am better at creating a ritual than I thought.

I have a morning ritual that I am currently trying to fine-tune, so it feels intentional. I am trying to find just the right mix. The goal is that I get a restful night’s sleep and start my day refreshed and ready to be productive and work toward my goals.

My morning intention is to read my NOOM lesson, a chapter of a book and write a blog post about it, write my daily haiku, all while enjoying my cup of coffee. I also weigh-in and then eat breakfast and get ready for work. Fortunately, my work commute is about 60 ft. so I never have to worry about getting out the door on time.

The morning tasks rely solely on how much sleep I get and if I get up or simply choose to ignore my carefully selected alarm playlist, which explains why I am still fine-tuning.

Here is a perfect example of where I’ve failed. I was supposed to write this particular blog post yesterday morning. I could fall asleep the night before, and I woke up late. I read my chapter but had no time before work to write. I told myself that I would write on my lunch break and again after yoga, but here I am, a day late, writing this before I start yoga.

Oh yeah, that reminds me; I need to do the needful ritual, so I have a good session.

As always, a work in progress…

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