Chapter 26 – Doing vs. Spewing

Day 29 The urge to not write today was strong. This chapter in particular may have felt too chastising at this moment. I actually read the chapter several hours ago and instantly heard all my defenses and excuses come flooding into my brain. I needed some time, (and a few episodes of Ally McBeal) to… Continue reading Chapter 26 – Doing vs. Spewing

Chapter 24 – Money, Your New Best Friend

Day 27 It's really not been until the last few years that I actually gave money much thought. I worked to get it. I worried when I didn't have what felt like enough of it. I think I always just believed that I could adjust to whatever my money situation was. And I did that,… Continue reading Chapter 24 – Money, Your New Best Friend

Chapter 23 – The Almighty Decision

Day 26 Well, here it is. The gauntlet has been thrown down. I have to decide. No more second guessing, no more making up excuses to not do what I want to do. No more being a scared little baby. I've reached Part 5, the final section of the book: How To Kick Some Ass… Continue reading Chapter 23 – The Almighty Decision