The world turns on its axis, all day, every day, millennium after millennium. Why is it that despite the fact that the world is in constant motion, we find it so difficult to welcome and embrace change?  We even balk at the change that can ultimately bring us great joy, choosing at times to stay in… Continue reading Transitions

Chapter 25 – Remember to Surrender

Day 28 Even before I actually read this chapter, the title brought to mind a moment in my life where I learned first hand the absolute joy of surrender. At this point in my life, I was one of those single mothers working full-time, trying to do great work, be a great mother, and run… Continue reading Chapter 25 – Remember to Surrender

Chapter 22 – The Sweet Life

Day 25 Life is sweet. Every single bloody, heartbreaking, gooey, messy minute of it. Every moment we breathe, is a gift. Some of us are blessed with decades and decades of breathes and some of us much less. I learned about mortality at a much younger age than I wish I had. I was just… Continue reading Chapter 22 – The Sweet Life