Sunday Morning

It's early Sunday morning in Arizona. I haven't written in a week. Coming home after only four days away was the opposite of inspiring. I should have stayed away longer. I came home to a house filled with unwanted noise, a sky filled with smoky air, forcing on me yet another reason to not leave… Continue reading Sunday Morning

Waking Up In A Strange Place

This morning I woke up in strange, but oh, so comfortable bed in a tiny adobe casita in Taos, New Mexico. As I sit at this table Santa Fe style table to write, outside my window is a cherry tree, just months ago, filled with blossoms now scattered with the tiniest, unripened cherries. Under it… Continue reading Waking Up In A Strange Place

Brave and Crazy

I put myself into self-isolation on February 24, 2020. Since that date, I think I have left my house seven times. Mostly I took trips to the grocery store to pick-up groceries curbside. I've gone through drive-through fast food a few times and twice, went on a drive, just to get out of the house.… Continue reading Brave and Crazy